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Welding & Fabrication

Weaves Industries provides welding and fabrication, easily adapting to  any dynamic projects. If you can weld it, chances are…

Maintenance & Repairs

We are a full-coverage welding and fabrication company that can help with the maintenance of your entire  business!

Property & Structural

From HVAC systems at the top of sky-scraper buildings to the basements of apartment buildings, we can help you …

Weaves Industries Provides shop and portable Welding & fabrications services in Calgary and surrounding areas.

All of our jobs are guided by three main principles: honour, courage, and commitment. Honour means that our Calgary welders take pride in everything they do and never accept less than their best effort on a job. Courage means that we will always do what is right, even if there are less than desirable consequences for us. And commitment means that our clients and customers come first, no matter what. We will always provide the very best Welding & fabrication service and use all of our expertise to make sure that no matter what the job is, you will be satisfied with our work.

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"We provide service not only to the Calgary area, but to any other location in Alberta. We are part of a vast and reliable international group of welders, so we are also now capable of providing services around the globe.

Scott Weaver

CEO and Founder - Weaves Industries Inc.