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What Is Welding And Why It’s So Important

When we see various forms of metal work being done today, very few of us even stop to ask ‘What is welding?’ This is because so many people have taken for granted what is actually one of the most essential journeyman trades in the world. Without welding, there would be no vehicles on the road and many buildings, gates and fences would cease to exist. By asking ‘What is welding?’ and reading about the answer, we will be able to learn a lot about this essential trade.

The History of Welding

By us asking ‘What is welding?’ we are often not aware of the fact that a lot of work and technological advances have made welding what it is today. Early examples of welding have been discovered which date back to thousands of years ago. These were known as forge welding which simply involved the heating of two metal surfaces and hammering them together. It was only during the 19th Century that welding became what we know it as today. When asking ‘What is welding?’ very few people realize that forge welding was done without the use of electricity. While this welding was very labor intensive, the industrial revolution gave rise to the better, improved methods of welding that we know today.

Why Welding is so Important

When asking ‘What is welding?’ we seldom realize that without this form of metal work, many structures would cease to be in existence. A good journeyman welder will be able to join metal in such a way that it is not able to be parted unless it is cut. Welding is an absolutely essential component of industries such as the automotive industry, the construction industry and even the aviation industry. In fact, even oil rigs out at sea make use of various forms of welding in order to withstand the harsh oceanic weather conditions.

Various Types of Welding

When anyone asks ‘What Is welding?’ they need to be made aware of the fact that there are also different types of welding. While forge welding only involves heating metals and forging them together by hammering them, other types of welding rely on modern technology in order to work. Underwater welding is among the most specialized jobs in the world and those who decide to follow this career path will usually be paid very well for their work. One of the most popular types of welding is arc welding because it is one of the most cost-effective types of welding. Other types of welding include TIG welding, MIG welding and stick welding.

After asking ‘What is welding?’ Most people will be surprised at the answer. This is because it may seem like a relatively simple question, but at the end of the day ‘What is welding?’ is a question that will be answered with a host of fascinating information. If it wasn’t for the industrial revolution, ‘What is welding?’ would have been a question that would only have been answered by the local blacksmith or metal worker.

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