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Weaves Industries provides a wide range of welding and fabrication services. Some of the custom jobs available are described below.

Dump Truck Repairs

Fixing a dump truck can be a labor-intensive problem that you should consult with an expert about. Our workers can fix dump truck beds, carriages, and any other metal that has been worn down.


We provide welding tarps, which are very important for virtually any job where fire hazards exist. These tarps are flame-retardant, making potentially dangerous work much safer.

Hydraulic Components

We provide parts repair and replacement for hydraulic components. Our skilled welders can repair or refurbish any metal part used in your hydraulic machinery.

Lifting Apparatus Repairs

This repair service includes both inspection and repair services for various pieces of lifting equipment. Some lifting apparatus items we handle includes chain slings, lever hoists, plate clamps, and more.

Repairs to Lift Mechanisms

Lift mechanisms that help people with limited mobility or that attach to lift apparatus need to be inspected for safety and repaired occasionally. As the items age and break down, call Weaves to provide the welding services they need.

Frame Crack Repairs

Whether a damaged frame belongs to a vehicle or a structure, we can repair it quickly and make sure that the welding job lasts without wearing down. This service can help ensure that trucks, structures, and other metal equipment lasts for years longer than it normally would.

Frame Shortening

Shortening a truck frame can help smooth out a vehicle’s alignment and make it fit better into narrow spaces. However, you should always use a top welder to undertake this job, otherwise you will run the risk of damaging your vehicle.

Frame Extensions

If you want to go in the other direction, extending your truck’s frame can add a lot of storage space and add some ruggedness to your vehicle. The welders and fabricators at Weaves Industries can put an extension on your frame without causing any damage to your truck.

Axle Swaps

As your vehicle ages, the axles accumulate mineral deposits that can cause rust and long-term damage. Our workers can swap out old axles for new ones, extending the overall life of your vehicle.

Shock Mount Repairs

Shock mounts are an essential part of a vehicle’s suspension system. Damage to these mounts may require a small welding job or replacements may be necessary in severe circumstances.

Suspension Upgrades

A suspension upgrade is especially important when your vehicle is worn or when you live in an area with a lot of rough roads. A good welder can get your car or truck riding much more smoothly no matter where you choose to drive.

Custom Fabricated Headache Racks

These are special frames that get installed between a truck’s cab and its cargo bed. They help protect cargo from shifting while in transit. Weaves Industries can fabricate a headache rack based on your desired size and preferred design.

Fender Replacements and Repair

If you have been in an accident or just need to upgrade the front of your vehicle, we can either repair metal fenders or design all new ones that will enhance the overall look of your ride. These repairs and replacements involve both welding and fabricating services.

Fifth-Wheel Placement

For truck drivers that expect to move loads of heavy equipment the placement of a fifth wheel is important for balance and support. Our workers can place a new wheel or adjust the placement on an existing wheel. The latter is especially useful if you take advantage of frame shortening or frame extension services mentioned above.

Roll Off Bins

Large cleaning jobs require roll-off waste bins that can store large amounts of debris. These bins are usually brought in by truck and can be modified and repaired by a well-trained welding team.

Bin Maintenance

Roll off bins can degrade over time, especially if corrosive materials are put inside them. To make sure that your bin is at its very best storage capacities, you should make sure that it is well-maintained. This may require patching or the welding of minor holes.

Bin Truck Maintenance

Just as the regular maintenance of roll off bins is necessary for long-term use, you also need to maintain the trucks that carry them. B-Pressure certified welders can adjust bin trucks for different weight classes depending on your removal needs.

Saddle Repairs

Vehicle saddles can become damaged during accidents or over long periods of time. You should have the saddle repaired and remounted as part of regular maintenance, especially if your vehicle takes on rugged jobs.

Oil Field Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Oil drilling and refining requires high-grade equipment that degrades rapidly as a result of chemical exposure encountered in the field. Even stainless steel equipment can require regular welding or repair in order to keep the gear operating at top efficiency.

Seacan Modifications

Seacans are specially-designed metal containers capable of handling exposure to salt water, but even they can start to rust and degrade over time. Whether you need repairs or modifications to fit special equipment, our crew can take your job on with ease.

Piling and Shoring

This describes the process of establishing and maintaining core architectural parts such as building foundations and structural elements. A good welding team is essential if you want a building that will last for years with a minimum of wear and tear.

Industrial Plant Maintenance

We can also provide core maintenance for industrial plants. This can involve fixing damage done to cooling units or pressure valves and can also involve the fabrication of completely new equipment as needed.

In addition to the services listed above, we offer many more welding services. If you have any sort of metal that needs fixing or modification, we can almost certainly do it for you.