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Canadian Welders

Canadian welders have a reputation as being some of the most reliable in the industry, and the welders at Weaves Industries, Inc. are no exception. Located in Calgary, Weaves Industries boasts some of the most well trained and effective welders and fabricators in North America. The company offers a wide range of welding and repair services, and has even expanded its reach to serve clients on an international basis.

Range of Services

The Canadian welders at Weaves Industries offer a variety of different maintenance and welding services. These include vehicle repairs to bins, bin trucks, axles, wheels, and frames, as well as maintenance to oil rig equipment and industrial plants. The Canadian welders at Weaves are also trained as fabricators, meaning they can skillfully hammer, saw, file, and reshape metal, whether it is for a large or small scale project. The equipment used by the company for all of these services is also quite advanced; for instance, digital image technology is used to inspect almost all finished projects.

B-Pressure Welding Certification

In addition to the aforementioned services, the Canadian welders and fabricators at Weaves Industries are also certified in b-pressure welding. Generally, this means they are recognized in the industry as the most qualified and highly trained welders available, and can handle everything from the most difficult to the most delicate welding or fabricating job, whether it involves iron, steel, or aluminum. Additionally, the b-pressure certified Canadian welders and fabricators at Weaves are, on occasion, the only metal workers who are legally sanctioned to work on certain high-level jobs.

Safety Certification

In addition to being b-pressure welding certified, these Canadian welders are also highly trained in safety procedures and precautions. Clients can rest assured that all of the fabricators from Weaves Industries will follow the standard practices set forth by the country’s health and safety laws, and that the welders are always mindful of the codes and practices set forth by the Canadian Construction Safety Association. To ensure that everything is up to code and up to par, these Canadian welders will also bring in an additional b-pressure certified fabricator to double-check all work.


One of the added perks of hiring Canadian welders and fabricators from Weaves Industries is that the company itself is very mobile. In other words, its employees will travel all around Canada and the United States to meet with clients and complete any welding or repair jobs that are commissioned. In fact, Weaves Industries now sends its welders to countries as far flung as Colombia and Indonesia when necessary. These employees will often do custom fabrication work, and will also train teams of welders who will remain and work in the country in the future.

Weaves Industries prides itself on the high quality of its work. The welders employed there are highly trained skilled workers, who have taken and passed a series of difficult certification tests, and the majority of fabricators have also remained employed for years. Thus, those looking for any repair and welding work can rest assured that they will only receive the best service from these Canadian welders.

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