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Signs and Designs by Weaves Industries Inc

Signs and Designs by Weaves Industries Inc
Signs and Designs by Weaves Industries Inc
Signs, western images

Western sign images


Service images for CNC Plasma cut signs



Computer cut signage and letterings by Weaves Industries Inc.  Cut from different thicknesses of steel aluminum or stainless steel. Sand finishes, etching, painted or custom painted in different colors for a custom look.



Nature and Wildlife

These our images of nature and wildlife. We can size these images to fit inot any size or area required. These sign images can also be cut to fabricate targets for hunters to sight in the rifles.

We can install these images on stakes for pounding in the ground, we can make sign cans, and we can add lighting



Farm and Tractor Signs

Perfect images and designs to portray your agricultural lifestyle. From barns and tractors, rooster and cows, adding lettering of your name or location to add a great look. Powder coating the farm and tractor images will help your signs remain rust free for years. Rusting is a great effect also.

nature and wildlife images for signs

Nature and Wildlife Images

Dog and Cat signs by Weaves Industries

CNC pet images for signs







Signs and art

Mimbres Indian Style


These designs are not the only design images we have access to, for more detailed style designs please feel free to contact our office.  We can discuss your interest and your projects so that we can help you design the right CNC Plasma cut sign images and lettering to suit your needs. Remember we can cut several thicknesses of steel to create a 2-D type of image, we can also have combinations of wood and metal type signs and decorative images.


Weaves Industries can cut your signs paint and install, depending on your project. Call for a free estimate.



Weaves Industries can fabricate your complete sign for any applications.  We provide portable and shop welding services to the sign fabrication and repair sectors as well.

If its a form of metal WEAVES got you covered.

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