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Stainless Steel Handrail Welding and Fabrication

Calgary Welder, Scott Weaver of Weaves Industries recently announced that he is expanding his product and service line to include custom stainless steel handrail welding and fabrication. Stainless steel is notoriously difficult to work with and most local welders and fabricators simply will not touch the material, let alone craft a handrail—something that requires both the finesse of an artist and the durability only found in the work of a master craftsman.

Weaver, who says he has been working with stainless steel for almost twenty years now, explains how a welder’s experience and familiarity with difficult materials can seriously affect the durability of the final product, “something as simple as the type of finish can seriously impact the longevity of the structure.” According to research conducted by Dr. Colin Honess of the Stainless Steel Advisory Service, “fine polished surfaces with Ra values of < 0.5 micron will generally exhibit clean-cut surfaces, with few sites where chloride ions can accumulate.” The more chloride ions a “stainless” steel surface accumulates, the greater chance it has of oxidation, or rusting. While a “dull” surface may be more aesthetically pleasing, it is not in the best interest of rust prevention.

It is this unique level of familiarity with difficult material like stainless steel that makes Weaves Industries clients loyal fans of the company’s work and stainless steel handrails a logical addition to the ever-expanding plethora of products and services offered by Weaves Industries.

This recent announcement comes quick on the heels of steady growth for the welding and fabrication company which has both recently moved to a larger shop to accommodate its increasing loyal customer-base and expanded its service-territory internationally.

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