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Roll off Bins

Roll Off Bins

When you think of products that need to be maintained in Calgary, roll off bins repairs probably don’t come to mind. After all, they’re built from solid steel and are essentially used for garbage. What could possibly need maintenance less? But the illusion that they’re essentially indestructible and/or are designed to get mistreated contributes to many roll off bins becoming unusable a lot sooner than they should be. In turn, business owners like you need to spend more money on roll off bins that should have never been scrapped in the first place.

Although they do benefit from a solid steel construction, remember that roll off bins also have a number of small parts too that can be vulnerable to all the wear-and-tear these dumpsters go though. The rebar, latches and lift hooks can easily be dented, banged up and otherwise rendered faulty. Such a small issue could be the Achilles’ heel for an otherwise perfectly fine roll off bin.

Of course, the rest of a roll off bin’s body can be abused too. Dents and even punctures can occur that will affect their use in some way or another.

Regular Maintenance

So carrying out regular inspections is one method for ensuring you catch these issues before they take a bin from your fleet. Train your employees to do the same and you’ll be even more likely to keep these minor problems from becoming full-blown issues. That’s why Weaves Industries provides roll off bins repairs, in the Calgary area.

Fortunately, with the right welders, just about any problem is easy to address. Even bins with large cracks or gaping holes in them can be patched up and made to be good as new. These types of repairs are always going to cost you far less than buying a whole new bin.

Better still, your Calgary company doesn’t even need to go that long without them. Welding is a highly technical skill, but it’s not one that takes days to apply. Most welders will even come out and visit your property to take care of the fabrication work. Your roll off bins stays out of the fleet for 24 hours and can then get right back to making you money.

Plus, when the welding is done, and the roll off bin repairs are complete we will even be able to paint the entire bin so no one is the wiser. While roll off bins may not be chosen for their looks, they still represent your company so aesthetics are important.

Make sure your roll off bins get the attention they deserve so Weaves Industries your Calgary Welders can keep them bringing in revenue for years on end.


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