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If you are looking to effectively handle any  welding and fabrication needs on a drilling rig or any oil field rig repair, there is no other choice than Weaves Industries. This kind of maintenance requires seasoned professionals with the proper licensing and certification, all of which are held by the oil rig repair specialists at Weaves Industries. Our welders can provide the following services to rigs, vehicles, and steel or iron equipment on oil fields:

Oil Field Maintenance Services

Oil rig repair is necessary to prevent rigging equipment from eroding or degrading due to chemicals in the oil field. As part of its drilling rig welding and fabrication services, Weaves Industries provides this specialized oil field maintenance. Moreover, all oil drilling work demands heavy-duty machinery and equipment that can only be handled by trained professionals. The welders at Weaves are certified to work this equipment, and will be able to provide regular oil rig repair and maintenance while adhering to all of the proper codes and safety precautions.

Vehicle Repair

Vehicle repairs are another aspect of the drilling rig welding and fabrication services offered by Weaves Industries. Any company with large commercial vehicles or construction equipment will need to hire a professional welder to handle the drilling rig welding and fabrication work necessary to keep that equipment working smoothly. The welders from Weaves can repair truck beds, replace hydraulic parts for large vehicles, fix damaged vehicle frames, and conduct any number of other large scale and specialized maintenance requests.

Rig Upgrades

Drilling rig welding and fabrication involves not only regular maintenance, but upgrade procedures as well. For example, the metalworkers at Weaves Industries can adjust the frame of a truck—either shortening or expanding it—to improve the overall alignment and function. The welders and fabricators can also reduce or eliminate damage from the elements (particularly rust) by installing new axles, shock mounts, or fenders. The welders trained in drilling rig welding and fabrication can also provide suspension upgrades, which can also improve the longevity of a truck or construction vehicle.

Customized Fabrication

In addition to the general drilling rig welding and fabrication maintenance listed above, the welders at Weaves Industries can also perform more customized and specialized work. For instance, they can design and build seacans, salt-water resistant cans often found on oil rigs. They can also provide similar customized services in terms of vehicle repair, such as building “headache racks,” which are designed to protect cargo on a large vehicle or carrier from shifting during transit.

This is just a brief list of the many different drilling rig welding and fabrication services that can be offered on top of the standard oil rig repair work required in oil fields. The professionals at Weaves are also available to repair any sudden or emergency damage on oil field rigs, whether this is replacing an axle, a wheel, or a saddle on a vehicle, or performing last minute drilling rig welding and fabrication work specified by a client in need.