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Oil Field Construction

The proper maintenance of a derrick tower on an oil field is essential to making sure that your project goes forward without any troubles. Weaves Industries has a staff of experts in oil field derrick repairs and is willing to work independently or with other maintenance technicians. Weaves also offers oil field repair consulting for those who wish to work on the project themselves but who might need the guiding hand of an expert to make sure nothing goes wrong.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance and Repair

Oil field derricks are very heavy structures that must be regularly monitored for any signs of weakness or deterioration. Because a derrick is central to an oil field’s operation, damage done to the frame or its moving parts can shut down a field for weeks or even months. In addition to the damage that can come through frequent use, weather can cause corrosion and damage over time. High winds can batter a structure and severe rain or snow can cause rust. You should plan on making minor oil field derrick repairs at least twice a year and inspect the structure for signs of rust, bent metal, or other structural weaknesses. This will minimize the amount of downtime you face due to necessary repairs.

Services we Provide

After your derrick has been inspected and deemed in need of repair, Weaves Industries provides many different options. We provide spot oil field derrick repairs to fix minor damage that might get worse over time. In the case when metal components on the derrick need to be replaced, we can provide a full replacement and fitting for those parts to make sure your operation doesn’t miss a beat. We can also rebuild and repair the crucial bottom ends of the derrick. Finally, if you have a complex job or an unusual unit, we will provide custom fabrications as needed in order to make sure that your equipment works at maximum efficiency.

Consulting Services

In addition to oil field derrick repairs, Weaves Industries also offers a wide range of consulting services to help those without as much experience make the necessary fixes. Our oil field repair consulting services can prove invaluable if you have a repair team that is skilled but lacks experience or if you just want another set of eyes to make sure your repairs meet all current standards and practices. As consultants, Weaves workers will make sure that all welds are good, sturdy, and capable of lasting for years of use. We will also make sure that all repairs meet the Canadian weld specifications set out by the government.

Whether you are looking for a full array of oil field derrick repairs or just hoping for some consulting with seasoned professionals, Weaves Industries can provide you with the service and quality that you need. With our help, your oil field derrick will remain in fine working condition for years to come, all without impeding your company’s short-term oil production goals.

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