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Movember, Creating Awarness To Mens Health Issues.

Movember, Creating Awarness To Mens Health Issues.
Movember, Creating Awarness To Mens Health Issues.


Creating Awareness To Men’s Health Issues

We seek tohelp in the making of a global contribution to men living happier, healthier, longer lives.

Mens health needs attention. Men are dying to young.

The impact of mens health issues are substantial, the impact of these cancers are huge and expecting to grow in years to come. Weaves Industries is committed to bringing awareness to the public.

Weaves Industries will help the Movember Foundation by creating awarness with our clients, and every person we communicate with.

How will we create positive change for men’s health

Weaves will create fundraising metal art pieces and sell them as fundraiser, with donations going directly to the Movember, Creating Awareness to mens helath issues foundation. We will provide team support in the Movember movement and include a call of action in all communications.

Weaves Industries is a proud supporter of the Movember Foundation.

If you would like to purchase some of our fund raiser metal art objects we will donate a great percentage to the Movember foundation.

Donate to our MoSpace movement


Movember Creating awareness to mens health issues

Movember, creating awareness to mens health issues

Movember Foundation please donate







Weaves Industries is a dynamic welding and fabrication shop in Calgary Alberta. Founded by Scott Weaver.  With over 26 years of welding service in Calgary, in Alberta, in Canada and South America. Scott has been involved in the  industry for decades and in many theatres of operation.

Scotts fund raising and volunteer services started while serving in the military abroad. Where volunteers rebuilt and funded many orphanages in Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. Weaves Industries Mospace Movember team is ready to kick it into high gear, join our team with a purchase or just a donation.

If Its A Form Of Metal WEAVES Got you covered!!!

Visit our Mospace page

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