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Look for Welders with CWB Certification

CWB certification is a guarantee that a welding company or a specific welder meets the requirements set forth by the National or Provincial Building Codes and CSA standard S16. This type of certification, administered by the CWB, can be given to companies or individuals and comes in several different varieties.

A welder or a company may be certified as qualified in welding procedures, electrodes and filler metals, stud base standards, and to meet international welding standards.

A company that has the certification has been reviewed to ensure that they do meet several different CSA requirements. The companies themselves can have one of three different types, applicable to separate divisions. It’s imperative, when hiring a welder that you make sure the company has been assessed in the specific type of work you intend for them to do. This is your guarantee that they are qualified in every regard and that they will be able to give you safe, reliable results.

In addition to the aforementioned, welders and welding companies can be certified as inspectors, which makes them valuable assets for businesses that need to have existing welding looked at to make sure it meets safety standards.

Why It Matters

There are, of course, those businesses and individuals out there that may offer welding services without these types of certifications under their belts. In some instances, they may seem like better options because of lower prices or immediate availability, but they are never a safe choice for anyone, whether the person hiring them is an individual or they are being hired by a company.

Some of the work that welders do is integral to providing a safe workplace and to ensuring that equipment is repaired correctly so, if it is not done by a certified and qualified individual, disaster can result.

Trusting your money, you and your employee’s safety, and your company’s ability to pass any inspections that it may have to go through (as a part of being certified to operate within your industry) to a welder that doesn’t have the correct certifications and training is simply unwise. Look for businesses that have appropriate qualifications and that have skilled and experienced welders on staff. They can always provide a higher level of service and one that conforms to national and provincial standards. Of course, their past work and the endorsements of other clients are also worth considering.

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