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Important Services Calgary Welders Can Provide

When it comes to welding, you probably think of someone wearing a protective mask and wielding a torch while sparks fly off the metal they’re working on. While this is an apt description of a welder on the job, it hardly begins to do justice to the large array of tasks they can handle. You may be in a business that could benefit from a professional welder in Calgary but not yet know it.

Welding and fabrication is often needed for companies that depend on transportation. Whether you specialize in transporting people to their destination, you take products from one company to another or you transport gas, having the number for a reliable welder on hand is always important. The trucks you’re using may be big and powerful, but they can be crippled in an instant from the smallest dent, puncture, or other issue.

Often the service you need isn’t so much repairs as it is installation. Large vehicles like RVs and construction trucks can always be augmented with different parts. The best installations generally involve welding, as you’d be hard-pressed to find a more reliable seal.

Of course, vehicles aren’t the only things that can benefit from a skilled welder operating a torch. Other popular reasons people in Calgary need welders include their HVAC units, commercial kitchens, roll off bins, and just about anything else that’s made out of metal. Almost any problem that compromises their structure can be fixed with welding.

Calgary is also home to a number of oil fields. Some of the most important work welders do in the area is at those fields. They leverage their talents to repair vehicles, maintain equipment and even upgrade the rigs themselves. It’s also not uncommon for the workers at these rigs to need tools fabricated for them on site, right away. Despite the danger involved with using a torch so close to crude oil, skilled professionals can handle these requests.

However, not just any welder will do. In Canada, we have a special certificate that recognizes those welders who are especially proficient in their profession. These are called B-Pressure Welding certificates. Without a doubt, those who carry this certification are at the top of their field. So when you’re in the market for a Calgary welder, make sure you confirm they have this certificate before letting them work on your property.

Now that you better understand all the services a welder can provide, you may notice you’re in need of some yourself. The sooner you approach the problem, the better off you’ll be. Just remember to look for that certificate.

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