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Fire Escapes and Roof Top Access Ladders

Just about every building in Calgary has a ladder that facilitates rooftop access. At some point, this usually involves some kind of metal ladder. While your company probably has a number of things to worry about, access to the roof is something that can become a huge problem if not properly maintained.

For example, the people in your building probably don’t need rooftop access often. There are countless other things that are more important. So, it’s easy to let something as simple as a metal ladder fall by the wayside. With so many other things to focus on when it comes to commercial buildings, that probably doesn’t top the list.

However, that doesn’t mean rooftop access isn’t an issue. Commercial buildings need their windows cleaned, their HVAC systems examined, and their roofs checked on. That means a number of workers need to access the highest heights of your building throughout the year.

Although the ladder that is used to access them may be made of metal, that doesn’t make it indestructible. As you probably know, the weather in Calgary can be formidable and, over time, this is how your ladder can begin to suffer.

Fortunately, this is where expert welders can come into play. They’ll inspect your ladder and other important features and be able to assess if maintenance and/or repairs are necessary.

Now you may be thinking that the aforementioned services don’t require access to the highest parts of your building. Church steeples in Calgary are a good example. That’s even more reason for concern though. Years can go by before anyone ever sets a single foot on a rung to make their way to the top. At that height, very serious—even fatal—accidents can occur. This is all the more reason to have an expert welder take a look at your structure’s rooftop access.

The good news is that the repairs or maintenance your building needs don’t need to be a major burden. Qualified welders can decide whether or not work needs to be done and handle it the same day they show up. Often times, all it takes is simply fortifying the metal ladder with some welding to ensure it will keep standing for years to come.

With so many headaches on your plate, it’s understandable that something as simple as a ladder could go overlooked. Fortunately, with qualified welders in Calgary, peace of mind can be quick and affordable.

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