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Health and  Safety

For Weaves Industries, the health and safety of the workers at our job-sites is a top priority.

Every one of our employees is trained in the Health and Safety standards as defined by the Occupational Health & Safety. We also ensure compliance with the regulations enacted by the Alberta Construction Safety Association, so you can rest assured that your workers and your job-sites are safe and in compliance with local regulations. Our commander and chief Scott Weaver has completed 99% of the courses required to obtain an Nationally Certified construction safety officer designation from the A.C.S.A.  As well as taking an active role in other businesses safety programs.

Health and Safety

In addition to simple compliance with health and safety regulations, we pride ourselves in ongoing education and training for our employees in best-practices for creating a protected and safe working environment. We here at Weaves consistently go above and beyond what is expected in order to not only do what is right, but what is right for you. With  refresher courses in daily safety education and upgrading when new information and practices come into affect.

Our daily operations can see our rigs and workers filling several different roles in several different industries. knowing and complying  with different industry health and safety codes is always foremost in our operations. Being knowledgeable in the different practices in the health and safety codes has brought Calgary Welders Weaves Industries into the leaders of shop and portable welding services and many different health and safety programs.

When you need Welders and fabricators, when you need a health and safety program that works with our crews, when you need professional service that can follow the health and safety programs that are in place. Calgary Welders can provide the health and safety program crews that will accomplish the task, in a safe, professional manner.