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Calgary Welding and Fabrication Company Builds Fire Escapes

Calgary Welding and Fabrication Company Builds Fire Escapes
Calgary Welding and Fabrication Company Builds Fire Escapes
Calgary Welders Fire Escape Ladders

Custom Fabricated Fire Escape and Roof Top Access Ladders

Fire Escape ladders are used for emergency evacuation from elevated areas. These same emergency ladders are also roof top access points for maintenance on the roof or HVAC system. Weaves Industries can fabricate  your ladders to permanently mount through your walls, and rest on your roof top. For shorter vertical rises we fabricate steel ladders with large outriggers for stability, these outriggers can be mounted to your building providing a permanent access to your roof.

 Side Mounted Access ladders

These ladders are fabricates from solid steel construction with full welds on all seams. The ladders are spaced away from the walls to allow space for your boots and allowing easy climbing techniques. Large solid round bar for the rungs, with a full safety cage surrounding the ladder. The safety cages can start from the ground up, or at eight foot or ten foot levels. Side mounted access ladders can be fabricated with lockable security panels to hinder unwanted access to your property. These ladders are mounted with wide pads on the interior of the walls to allow the pressure to be spread over a large area to prevent cracking of the cement blocks and walls. The top of the side mounted Fire Escape Ladders have hand rails extending to handrail height and away from the edge of the building, providing safety for personnel.

Mounted ladders

Fabricating custom shaped and lengths of access ladders, Weaves Industries can build these ladders to accommodate any size and angles. Ladders with hand rails or without. Mounting to roofs and walls, with side riggers, and mounting hardware .

Painted or Powder Coated

Weaves Industries has several different methods of finishing you custom fabricated Fire Escape and Roof Top Access Ladders. We can sand blast, paint, or powder coat your access ladders.



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