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Enviromental Seal Pans

Enviromental Seal Pans
Enviromental Seal Pans

Weaves Industries provides teams of welders to have your Enviro Seal Pan installed in a timely professional manner.

Weaves uses new 12 gauge sheet steel installed to the bottom of your compressor skids.  Seal welded 100% to keep the environment safe from oils and glycol that may spill from the compressor stations.

Weaves Industries can deploy in hours to your jobsites, from the far north of Canada to the Jungles of South America, Weaves has a solid reputation for professional work and attitudes.

Keeping our environment safe from the dangers of contamination , Weaves Industries Inc.

Enviro Seal Pans Weaves Industries Inc


Calgary Welders Weaves Industries provides portable welding services to the oil and gas sectors around the world


Environmental Seal Pans, Weaves Industries protect our invironments

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