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Your Elevator May Need Welding

Just about every building with more than two floors in Calgary has an elevator. Many use one for just two. It’s a convenient, often necessary, way to access higher points of a building. As you can imagine, though, elevators rely on a complex system to move from one floor to the next. Much of this depends on the strength of the metal that makes up the infrastructure.

Unfortunately, that’s where things can go wrong. Metal is definitely one of the strongest, most durable and affordable materials, which is why so many elevator shafts depend on it. However, metal can also wear down over time and when you’re dealing with something as important as an elevator, the slightest issue can cause calamity.

For one thing, the elevator car itself is encased in metal. Those sheets don’t stay in place without welding. Over time, wear and tear can begin working on that welding and render those elevator cars a risk factor. When you think about how high they can go, it becomes easy to see why any minor problem can cause them to malfunction. At the very least, this is an issue that will need to be addressed immediately.

That’s far from all though. The shaft itself and the rigging that makes an elevator possible are all important features as well. Also, these components only work when quality rigging is in play. Just like with the elevator car, over time, the welds that were once sufficient can begin to break down over time.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. All you need is a qualified welder to inspect the work. A regular assessment will ensure the elevator runs smoothly and poses no risk to your tenants. The right welder will be able to examine the car, the shaft, and the rigging and decide if your elevator system needs their services.

If any of these components do need their help, a welder can provide them onsite and without much disturbance to your building’s operation (especially after hours).

Just be sure you hire a welder who has been given a B-Pressure certification. This guarantees they’re amongst the best in the business, which is the only kind of welder you ever want working on something as important as an elevator.

Even though your Calgary building’s elevator may be working fine at the moment, that’s no reason to take its functioning for granted. To make sure it keeps working safely in the future, be sure a regular checkup by a B-Pressure certified welder occurs.

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