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Truck Racks Custom Fabrication

Headache racks are the special frames that some pickup owners have installed between their truck’s cab and the cargo bed. Also called cab guards, back racks, and bulkheads, these steel structures can serve as a personal style statement even as they help protect the cab from cargo damage. Custom fabricated headache racks from Weaves Industries can be made to fit any truck with the high quality look and function truck owners deserve.

Protecting the Cab

Inevitably, cargo shifts in transit. Sharp turns, sudden stops, and more can cause the contents resting in the bed of the truck to shift and slam about. If the cargo is thrown forward suddenly during a hard stop or a head on collision, it can even break the window of the cab and cause injury to the driver and passengers. Headache racks can serve as a protective barrier between the cargo and the rear window of the truck’s cab. They are typically made of heavy steel or aluminum, and though there are a variety of different designs and types, each one is designed with safety foremost in mind.

Why Go Custom

In order to get the most protection out of a headache rack, it should be custom designed to fit the truck. Custom fabricated headache racks can fit the exact shape and size of the truck, making sure that the typical load the truck driver carries is properly accommodated. Customers can choose either aluminum if they typically transport lighter loads or heavy duty steel for more intense cargo loads. They can also be designed to extend the cab’s capacity with a rear half hoop, or to hold chains or hoses with custom fitted hooks. At Weaves Industries a leading Calgary welding & fabrication corporation, customers can expect the highest quality custom racks.

Personal Style

Though there are plenty of straightforward functional design options, custom fabricated headache racks can also be a great way for truck owners to distinguish themselves and put their personal mark on their vehicles. Headache racks can be designed to reflect the owners’ interests in the form of laser cutouts, or reflect a personal style. A traditional open post style can provide minimalist protection, while a tiara style allows customers to match their truck’s lights and paint color. Customers can choose vertical or horizontal rails, with options for cutouts for the rear window, or various vanity lights. Company trucks can even have their headache racks imprinted with their company’s logo or other branding.


Customers have a number of options for installation and mounting of their chosen fabricated headache racks. For the most secure installation of the heaviest duty racks, the installer will have to drill into the box of the cargo bed. However, not all models require drilling. Several models can use special bar brackets for a secure hold, while others rely on nothing more than clamps. Installers can work with the customer to find the best model for their needs.

Optional Additions

Custom fabricated headache racks can also include a number of optional add-ons. Customers can add LED lights that match their car’s taillights or provide a signature illumination pattern. Mesh designs and headache racks with louvers can help protect the car’s interior from sunlight, while still allowing the driver full view out the rearview window. Truck owners can also choose from a variety of brackets, mounts, trays, and hooks for storage of chains, jacks, rope, or other cargo they regularly need access to.


Customers complete their custom order by selecting a finish that will match or complement their truck’s design. Aluminum finishes and diamond plating are great for those whose racks will experience a great deal of wear. These surfaces are incredibly durable, resisting scratches and dents, and debris, mud, and dirt can easily be washed off. Custom paint jobs in black, white, silver, or custom colors can match the rack to the overall look of the truck. Owners should keep in mind, though, that while headache racks are designed to withstand a great deal of abuse, their paint jobs are not. Custom paint jobs may require occasional touchups to keep looking like new.

By choosing a headache rack from a leading Calgary welding and fabrication corporation like Weaves Industries, truck owners make sure they are getting the best in both function and aesthetics. Their custom fabrications are designed to provide outstanding cab protection while maintaining a sleek and stylish look at prices their customers can afford. For outstanding customer service and custom headache rack fittings, visit Weaves Industries for an estimated quote.

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