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Calgary Welding Jobs and Employment

When it comes to seeking any form of employment in Canada, one seldom stops to think about applying for a position as a journeyman welder. However, because there is such a large shortage of journeyman welders that has arisen, more and more welders are required to fulfill these vacant positions of employment in Canada. Once these posts have been filled, the apprentices will be able to learn one of the most valuable journeyman trades in the world. If you are interested in working with Weaves Industries Inc. please email your resume to

What a Canadian Journeyman Welder Does

Being a Canadian journeyman welder means that you will be responsible for doing one of the most important types of employment in Canada. This is because welders are involved in most essential services industries such as ship building, machinery and repair works. There are also positions available in Calgary that requires the service of welders who are experienced in pipeline and pressure vessel welding. In some cases, their services are even required in the aerospace industry – if the quality of their work is outstanding. By taking on this form of employment in Canada, a welder will usually be able to earn an above average income, especially if they are able to produce high quality welding work.

What Experience is Required to Become a Welder?

For those who are seeking employment in Canada, becoming a journeyman welder’s apprentice may be a good career path to follow. However, there are a few requirements that will need to be met before being able to apply. Apprentices are usually required to have passed math and science in high school, as these two subjects are required in order to apply. Apprentice welders will also have to be exceptional problem solvers and they will also have to pay significant attention to detail in order to complete a neat welding job. Because welders are often required to work in uncomfortable positions, it is imperative that they be physically fit and healthy. Excellent eyesight is also required.

Employment in Canada for Experienced Welders

The good news is that while there are positions available for apprentice welding employment in Canada, there are also posts available for those who are experienced and qualified. In order to receive a qualification as a welder, a minimum of five to seven years’ experience is usually required in MIG, TIG and stick welding applications. Ideal candidates should also have sufficient fabrication experience and be able to pass the relevant tests if they wish to receive employment in Canada. It is also a requirement to have at least five years’ experience in both portable welding and shop welding. An experienced welder should also have the ability to take charge of apprentices and oversee numerous welding jobs.

In order to gain some form of welding employment in Canada, it is important for candidates to follow the above mentioned guidelines or be in possession of the appropriate qualifications and experience. By applying for welding jobs in Calgary, potential candidates will be able to secure their future by becoming involved in one of the most needed forms of employment in Canada.

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