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Calgary Welding and Fabrication

We are a local Calgary welding and fabrication company and we pride ourselves on the fact that no job is too large or too small for us to do. Whether a client needs a small welding repair done or whether they need us to complete an entire project, we will not turn them away. We offer specialized welding and fabrication services that are undertaken with nothing less than the best quality workmanship and products available and have been offering our services in the welding industry since 2007.

We Serve the Trucking Industry

Although not many welding companies are able to perform fifth-wheel placement installations or repairs, we are able to provide these services to trucking companies. We perform various types of repair work to dump trucks lifting apparatus while also having the ability and equipment to perform suspension upgrades. Our qualified and experienced staff members will be able to assist customers with fender repairs and replacements as well as axle swaps, which are often deemed too big of a job by many other welding companies. Bin truck owners will be pleased to know that we are able to perform all forms of welding work that are required on these trucks. This includes the manufacturing of roll off bins.

A Variety of Frame Work Can be Carried Out

Quite often, trucks experience various form of damage to their frame work. While many people are not aware that much of the damage can be repaired, Calgary Welding and Fabrication is able to do frame related repair work at their premises. We are able to repair most frame cracks, perform frame extensions or even shortening of frames if clients require it. In order to keep your truck fleet in top condition, Calgary Welding and Fabrication is also able to carry out repair work on shock mounts and various lift mechanisms on these big rigs. We will ensure that your truck leaves our premises in better condition than it has ever been in before, thanks to the expertise of our qualified staff.

Industrial Jobs are no Match for Our Welders

Because our welders are highly experienced and professional, they are able to work in almost any environment. This includes doing maintenance and welding repairs on oil field equipment, which is not able to be done by just any welder. Any form of industrial plant maintenance is able to be carried out to the highest standards and jobs will always be done with quality being of the highest priority. Although some jobs can be performed at our premises, we realize that others have to be done on site. This is why our welders are able to work virtually anywhere and at any time that will be convenient to you. Calgary Welding and Fabrication is also willing to work outside of regular working hours.

Structural and Property Repairs and Maintenance

When it comes to performing minor welding repairs to furniture, machinery or other metal items and the manufacturing of unique chairs and stair rails, we are able to perform this type of welding and fabrication to the highest standards. Our work is also carried out according to the customer’s requests and specifications. Our welders will also be able to manufacture complete metal stair cases that are not only functional, but that are also attractive and unique. Working at an unusual height is also no problem for us, as we have the equipment and staff to perform these activities. So there is no longer any reason for not being able to attend to previously out-of-reach HVAC systems on top of your office buildings.

Industrial Kitchen Installations and Renovations

Because most commercial and restaurant kitchens are fully equipped with stainless steel work stations and other equipment, this means that over time, these surfaces and appliances will require welding maintenance to be performed on them. Calgary Welding and Fabrication will be able to ensure that any form of metal you have in your kitchen is able to be repaired and maintained by them. Our welders will also ensure that they are as unobtrusive as possible while working in your kitchen area so that you are able to continue serving your customers like before. They will use smaller types of welding equipment and ensure that they clean as they go in order to minimize mess and inconvenience.

All Work is Carefully Inspected

Once a job has been completed by Calgary Welding and Fabrication, it is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets the client’s requirements and that it also measures up to our Quality Control policy. By doing this, clients will know that they are receiving the best quality workmanship and products possible. We realize that a happy client will always refer new customers to us which in turn will grow our business, so we will never take shortcuts or perform substandard work of any kind. If a personal inspection of completed work is not possible, Calgary Welding and Fabrication has the ability to use digital imaging technology to perform the inspection.

Only the Best Customer Service

We have a company policy in place to ensure that welders are dispatched to a client’s site within 24 hours to complete work that needs to be done. However, in most cases, welders are dispatched within just a few hours after receiving a customer request. This ensures that there is a fast turnaround time with as little inconvenience as possible to our clients. Because of this, we are able to proudly state that we have some of the best work completion times in the industry.

All of our welders are graded as Grade B pressure welders. This means that they have acquired the necessary experience through many years of training under another qualified welder and they have managed to pass an extensive exam that has been set out by the Canadian Welding Bureau. Whether a customer needs a wrought iron garden bench to be repaired or whether they need repairs done to their big rig truck, we are able to fulfill all of their welding needs.

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