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Calgary Fabricators

Weaves Industries plays an important part in maintaining the infrastructure of Calgary and other areas in and around Alberta. Founded in 2007 by experienced welder and businessman Scott Weaver, we continue to grow and expand into the present.

About Us

At Weaves Industries, we base our business on a foundation of experience. Our founder, Scott Weaver, worked as a Calgary welder and fabricator for well over a decade before founding Weaves Industries in 2007. All of our welders and fabricators are B-Pressure certified, meaning they have the best experience and training in the industry. We strive to do what is right no matter the consequences, to never supply less than our best, and to always put our clients and customers first.

Welding and Fabrication

There are dozens of jobs that any of our certified Calgary welders can perform. Many are tasked in the repairs of large steel shipping trucks or dump trucks. Others perform repairs such as axle swaps or suspension upgrades. Calgary fabricators are the ideal choice for installing a 5th wheel on your vehicle to aid in transporting heavy equipment, or creating a custom “headache rack” to keep cargo from shifting in transit. Whatever your fabrication needs, we will never do less than our best to make sure the customer is completely satisfied.

Maintenance and Repairs

Much of the civilized world is made up of steel and glass, and there’s no one better to maintain or repair that infrastructure then one of our Calgary fabricators. Our jobs have ranged from repairing HVAC systems on the tops of towering skyscrapers to simple matters such as fence or furniture repair. Owners of commercial kitchens are some of our more popular customers, since their locations are generally populated with stainless steel equipment. In a busy kitchen, quick repairs can mean the difference between a successful night’s sales and a failure.

B-Pressure Welding

A B-Pressure Welding certificate is a special certification that Canada issues to demonstrate an individual’s proficiency in the fields of welding and fabrication. It is only issued to those who have proven that they possess the experience and education to be at the top of their field. All of our Calgary welders and fabricators carry current B-pressure certifications. At a glance, those that carry the B-Pressure certification are going to be the most professional and knowledgeable Calgary fabricators available.

Oil Field Services

One of the most important services that we provide is our services on the oil fields. Our Calgary welders are some of the best in the industry for performing the necessary maintenance, vehicle repairs and rig upgrades. If any custom parts need to be fabricated on site, then our Calgary fabricators are always available. These services can be among some of the more dangerous that we perform, given the proximity to large amounts of potentially flammable crude oil. This is why we only employ the best Calgary welders and fabricators for these positions- to prevent any possible mishaps.

It is important to hire the most experienced welder or fabricator, no matter what the difficultly of the job is. We at Weaves Industries employ the best in the field to provide consistently superb services, and as always, to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with whatever welding or fabrication work they require.

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