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B-Pressure Welding and Weaves Industries

B Pressure WeldingThe majority of the welders at Weaves Industries have received b-pressure welding certification, which means that our employees are among the most experienced and trustworthy workers in the industry. We have a highly qualified team of personnel who are capable of performing almost any maintenance or fabrication job you need. We work with various grades of steel, aluminum, and cast iron. If you have an important job and need the very best personnel in the business to take your project head on, choose Weaves Industries.

In short, B-Pressure welding is a special certification level that signifies the most trustworthy, knowledgeable and safe workers in the welding industry. When you have a big job that needs the touch of an expert, you should seek out the professionals at Weaves Industries.

What is B-Pressure Welding?

B-pressure welding is a special certification issued in Canada that demonstrates advanced competency in the fields of welding and fabrication. Weaves Industries has several certified B-Pressure welders in the Calgary area, across the province of Alberta, and even internationally. If you need the best welders in the business, you should look to Weaves Industries.

In Canada, holding a certification in B-Pressure welding allows the individual to engage in pressure welding subject to the specific limitations laid out by the Canadian government. The certification is mostly a measure of competency. It means that the individual has had the education and work experience deemed necessary to perform at this level. It also means that the worker has passed a rather difficult certification exam as set forth by the Canadian government. By passing all of these requirements, the worker is certified as one of the top welding and fabrication experts in Canada.

What are the Requirements for Certification?

To get certification in B-Pressure welding, individuals need to meet several requirements. In addition to the certification test, some of welders must maintain full qualifications with the current boiler and pressure vessel codes, remain continuously employed for a period of at least six months by a qualified employer, and operate in accordance with safety codes and other important regulations. The certification exam is overseen by a safety codes officer and quality control personnel, ensuring that only the very best welders in Canada receive certification.